Monthly Archives: October 2005

The continuum from stalker to paparazzi to… blogger?

[Keyword: ]. Poynter notes the potential beginnings of an interesting trend as “Toronto Globe and Mail reporter Shawna Richer [is] given the go-ahead to spend the entire 2004-05 hockey season covering the Pittsburgh Penguins’ hot rookie, Sidney Crosby […] she’ll be blogging about Crosby daily (or near daily).”

The move is hardly surprising given the media’s obsession with celebrity, but the depth of that blog could represent a new level of obsessiveness. Conversely, how long until media companies start to pay fan bloggers (for example) a retainer for their own obsession-driven exclusives?

The downside of readers’ comments

[Keyword: ]. Here’s an interesting article by the editor of the Globe Gazette about the less than positive experience he had of letting readers post comments on stories – an experience that led him to scale down the number of articles he allowed to be commented on…

“You might think our in-box would have been full of congratulations and good wishes for continued success for the subject of this particular story.

“But the only three I remember seeing were derogatory at best. I cringed when posting them to the site, but did so because I’d said just days before that we would refuse to post only those comments that were vulgar or libelous, and not just because we disagreed with the opinion of the writer.”

Find out who’s quoting you

[Keyword: ]. It’s great to see that Blogger has now added the facility to see which blogs are linking to your postings – something I’d previously relied on Technorati to do, but which wasn’t too effective as it only applies to Technorati members. This is likewise is limited to Blog Search-listed sites but that’s a much larger population to draw on.

Anyway, to turn the facility on, go to your Settings, and the Comments tab – you want to be turning ‘Back Links’ on (this link may take you straight there).

You can also subscribe to a regular search for sites that link to yours – information here.

PS: Apologies for the infrequent postings of late. Becoming a father can do that to you.