Video journalism contest

Straight from the comments (but I’d prefer an email):

“The Concentra Award for video journalism is now open for entry.

“In previous years this award has been for broadcast journalism from within Europe only. To reflect the changing news environment the award is now open to video journalism broadcast or published in any news program or on any online news site anywhere in the world.

“The award also comes with a 10.000 euro prize.

“The closing date for entries is Jan 7th 2008. Individuals can enter at anytime up to that point.
Details, rules and regulations can be found at

“The awards ceremony takes place on March 3rd at the DNA2008 conference, in Brussels.
The seven short-listed finalists will be invited to the event with their travel and accommodation costs paid by the organizers.

“The Jury members are
Host: Willy Lenaers (CEO, Concentra, Belgium)
Chairman: Michael Rosenblum (CEO, Rosenblum TV, USA) Sue Phillips (London, Bureau Chief, Al Jazeera, UK) Cristian Trippe (Brussels Correspondent, Deutsche Welle, Germany) Bas Broekhuizen (Editor, Volkskrant TV, Netherlands) Tone Kunst (Editor in Chief, NRK Nordland, Norway) Leif Hedman (Director, SVT, Sweden) Vicente Partal, (Board Member ECJ, Director, Villaweb, Spain)”

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