This email newsletter is rounding up what’s happening in Brazilian digital media


A new email newsletter has been launched by Brazilian journalist and journalism lecturer Moreno Cruz Osório to provide a weekly roundup of key research, developments and stories in the media industry in the country — in English.

Brazilian Journalism Digest launched in September as an English version of Portuguese-language newsletter Newsletter Farol Jornalismo (NFJ) — which has been running for over four years.

“Since 2014 me and other two editors have been curating the most interesting discussions about our professional and academic field around the world.

“Since then, Brazilian independent journalism has evolved a lot and our legacy media is making important moves to keep alive and relevant. Today we have a vibrant journalism ecosystem, despite the problems we all know journalism is going through.”

Moreno starting thinking about creating an English version of the newsletter while in The Netherlands as a visiting PhD researcher last year, but BJD isn’t a straight translation:

“Brazilian Journalism Digest (BJD) is also based on curation and it’s also sent on Fridays, but it is shorter than NFJ. On BJD I offer some links about what’s happening in Brazilian journalism.

“Most of the time links are in Portuguese, but sometimes there is content in English and/or Spanish. Translation difficulties aside, it’s a way to organise what is taking place, and stimulate discussion.”

You can subscribe to Brazilian Journalism Digest, and read previous issues, here.


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