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23 Dos and 5 Don’ts for podcasters

Gurpreet Mann took to the podcasting communities Podcasting Technology Resources and Podcasters to ask podcasters for their dos and don’ts. She ended up with a long list

5 Don’ts…

“Don’t apologise for not doing the show “on time”.

Allison Sheridan of the The NosillaCast says “Do it on time or shut up about it.” and don’t apologise for sounding like you have a cold. “If you have a cold, your audience will figure that out.” Continue reading


Which audio app do I need? 9 tested

In a guest post for OJB (first published here), Gurpreet Mann looks at 9 audio recording apps, with tips from the Google+ group Podcasting Technology Resources.

I road-tested the free versions of mobile audio apps Ferrite, Voice Record Pro, iTalk, AudioCopy, Mixlr, Cogi, VoiceBo, TwistedWave Recorder and Boss Jack Jr. I had 3 criteria when testing the apps:

  • Editing abilities
  • Overall look/design
  • And ease of use and features available on “free” version (exporting, uploading images, etc).

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