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Johnston Press Digital Publishing’s invisibility in Google News

Google News results for Johnston Press pages

Google News results for Johnston Press pages

Malcolm Coles asks a reasonable question of Johnston Press Digital Publishing: have they looked at their own pages in Google News? It seems a reliance on javascript is making their pages invisible to search engines.

Lancashire Telegraph and Lancashire Evening Post – more interactive than The Independent?

Blogging recently on Newsquest’s relaunch of its websites, I feel I was a bit harsh on the Lancashire TelegraphContinue reading

Lofi Podcast: Phone interview with Mike Hill, Deputy Editor, Lancashire Evening Post

Last week I interviewed Mike Hill, Deputy Editor of the Lancashire Evening Post, for an article on changing tools and approaches in local newsrooms (due to appear on Journalism.co.uk). Mike has some interesting plans on using surveys beyond the simple reader poll (since reported here), and experiences of the weaknesses of geotagging, among other things. The interview can be heard here – it’s around 10 minutes.