Monthly Archives: March 2005

Being a professional blogger

Keyword: . There’s an interesting posting at ProBlogger about being a professional blogger, namely the hard word that it requires. Key quote:

“Yes you CAN make a lot of money from Blogging – read the stories that are going around on blogs of people making decent money from blogging – but also read about the hard work and time that it’s taken them and remember that for every success story you read there are plenty of others around who have tried and failed to make more than a few dollars from their blogs.”

The site itself is worth exploring for some great tips about blog promotion. For my own part, as regards professionalism, I prefer to keep my blog ad-free and focus on the independence that a blog provides.

Blog backlash gaining pace

Keyword: . My previous posting about a possible moral panic around blogs seems to have been a good hunch, as more anti-blog news stories start to pour in, including:

One to watch.

Free media storage – or free video and audio

Keyword: . Online media site Ourmedia has launched to embarrassing success. They “provide free storage and free bandwidth for your videos, audio files, photos, text or software”, but perhaps more importantly, “A condition of posting material is that contributors must share their work. Reworking or remixing content is permitted including the use of ‘snippets’ of copyrighted work, although ‘infringement and illegal misappropriation’ are not be allowed.” The site even has RSS feeds updating on new content. [source:]

It looks like a particularly useful site on two fronts: firstly, as a place for bloggers and webspace-starved web designers to host – and showcase – images, audio and video; and secondly, as a place to find copyright-free materials.