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Hyperlocal Voices: Annemarie Flanagan, Editor of

After a short break our Hyperlocal Voices series returns. Annemarie Flanagan, Editor of told Damian Radcliffe  about the development of the site and her plans for the future.  Continue reading

What’s happening here?

You may have noticed that I’ve moved/redirected Online Journalism Blog back to its old place on This is to give it a reliable hosting place while I move web host (open to recommendations – apart from GoDaddy, which is the host I am leaving) and possibly platform (I’m hoping Ghost will be available soon enough to move to that).

Although I have copied across some content, many of the posts from 2008 (when I left are not on this site. If you are looking for a post that isn’t here, please do the following:

Meanwhile, most of my blogging will be done over at the Help Me Investigate Blog.