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VIDEO: Making video for online and social

Online and social video is different to broadcast journalism. This video, made for students on the MA in Multiplatform and Mobile Journalism at Birmingham City University, explains the 5 different types that have been identified — as well as how live video combines a number of those. It identifies mistakes to avoid, and tips on preparing and executing online and social video. (Note: this was made before Periscope was closed)

The video refers to a number of examples — you can find links to those below.

Videos mentioned:

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Video plays 4 roles online — here’s a video all about that

When making video for the web there are four broad roles that it is likely to play: it might illustrate a story; add to it; distil the story; or tell it.

In the video below, made for students on the MA in Multiplatform and Mobile Journalism at Birmingham City University, I talk through examples of each type of video, as well as some tips on considering variety of shots, and sequence. You can find links to the examples below.

Videos mentioned:

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VIDEO: What makes a good email newsletter

Email newsletters are an excellent way for journalism students to build a profile in a field while also improving their specialist knowledge and editorial skills. I’ve put together a short video guide on some of the key techniques to use when starting an email newsletter — and why it’s a great way to stand out in the jobs market.

The video outlines three typical purposes of newsletters, the importance of visuals and links, and other key qualities of the genre. Watch it below.

This video was first made for journalism students on Birmingham City University’s MA in Multiplatform and Mobile Journalism. It also includes some advice on referencing reading and evidence in an evaluation of students’ work.

How I did it: filming video at the Calais migrant camp – videographer Alastair Good

Alastair Good was a solo video journalist for The Telegraph for a decade before recently going freelance. As part of work on the forthcoming second edition of the Online Journalism Handbook, I interviewed Alastair about his experiences of filming video at the Calais migrant camp. I’m republishing it in full here.

The refugee/migrant camp in Calais had been growing steadily for some time. Estimates varied between five and ten thousand people who had travelled from the southern part of the globe to escape war, persecution and poverty. They were all hoping for just one thing: the chance to make a dangerous journey across the Channel to Britain.

One of my contacts in an aid agency working in the camp called me to say that bulldozers were due to move in to clear the camp the next day. I pitched the story to my editor and was on the Eurostar by the afternoon. Continue reading

VIDEO: Surveillance and the ‘1984 Generation’

Online video project newsPeeks have put together a documentary on surveillance. I really enjoyed it, so I’m sharing it here. Not only is the content great (newsPeeks were live at the Logan Symposium on the topic late last year so got some great contacts), but the production is a great example of online-native video (disclosure: I’m an unpaid advisor).

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