Monthly Archives: November 2004

Now everyone really is a journalist

I’m very excited to hear that the creators of Wikipedia* are to move into news. Even at this early stage the demo of Wikinews looks like it could be very useful, with ‘citizen reporters’ able to report, edit and discuss current events. The discussion of the site itself makes particularly interesting (if bizarre at times) reading.

More comment on blogsperiment.

*Wikipedia is already a fantastic online resource for those wanting an expert and up to date encyclopedia. One of those ideas that makes the most of the net’s potential, it’s a free online encyclopedia that anyone can edit, so of course it evolves over time and with people’s additions and corrections. Less well-known are sister sites Wiktionary, Wikisource, and others accessible from the Meta-Wiki page.

Open government on the web

Good to see that, while the print and broadcast media may often be cowed by the government, the WWW can at least enable a citizen to hold the government to account – or so says this thoroughly informative article in Wired News, which includes dozens of very helpful links. Sadly they’re all American, so once again I’m left looking for a British equivalent…

Meanwhile, over here the Institute of Public Policy Research has suggested that online communities could encourage public debate and build trust, according to the BBC. Interestingly, the suggestion comes on the Manifesto for a Digital Britain blog, set up by the IPPR and where you can post your own comments (or indeed subscribe for updates). If only more government thinking was done this way.