Monthly Archives: October 1999

Getting my arse in gear

So, my arse is well and truly in gear. Thanks to the blog James And The Blue Cat (listed on today’s Guardian Newsblog) I’m doing what I should have done a long long time ago and started blogging.

It’s not that that blog was particularly inspiring or anything as far as epiphanies go, but it was the Right Place at the Right Time (ie. it was a dull Friday morning with that rare thing – no impending deadlines. I was at the bottom of my To Do list and getting to things like “speak to a human being” and this seemed a much more interesting thing to do).

Now you’d think the fact that my whole career for the past five years has been centred around multimedia – working in it, reporting on it, teaching it – would have meant I got here a long time ago. Yes, it’s embarrassing. So I’ve changed the posting date to say 1999.

Now, I must go speak to a human being…