If you prefer books, here’s a list of some I’ve written or contributed to:

Title Publisher Other Links
The Online Journalism Handbook, 2nd Edition (2017) Routledge There is also an accompanying Facebook page and Twitter feed
Data Journalism: Past, Present and Future (2017) Abramis You can read an extended draft of the chapter in a series of posts starting here.
Finding Stories in Spreadsheets (2015) Leanpub n/a
Data Journalism Heist (2014) Leanpub n/a
The Online Journalism Handbook (with Liisa Rohumaa) (2011) Pearson There is also a blog with updates to the book, and accompanying Facebook page and Twitter feed
Magazine Editing (3rd Ed) (with John Morrish) (2011) Routledge There is an accompanying Facebook page
Scraping for Journalists (2014) Leanpub Accompanying Facebook page
8,000 Holes: How the 2012 Olympic Torch Relay Lost its Way (with Carol Miers) Leanpub The results of a two month investigation.
Blogs and Investigative Journalism in Investigative Journalism (2nd Ed) (2008) Routledge n/a
Wiki Journalism in Citizen Journalism: Global Perspectives (2009) Peter Lang Publishing n/a
Blogging Journalists: The Writing on the Wall in Web Journalism: A New Form of Citizenship? (2009) Sussex Academic Press n/a
Anatomy of a Crowdsourced Investigation in Face The Future (2011) Abramis n/a
CAN BIG MEDIA DO ‘BIG SOCIETY’? A critical case study of commercial, convergent hyperlocal news (with Neil Thurman and Jean-Christophe Pascal) in International Journal of Media and Cultural Politics, 8(2-3), doi: 10.1386/macp.8.2-3.269_1 Intellect Books n/a
Media reporting in Specialist Reporting (2012) Routledge n/a
Data Journalism Workflow: Confronting the Myths in Data Journalism: Mapping the Future (2014) Abramis n/a
Instantaneity in Web Jornalismo (Portuguese) (2014) Livros Labcom Books n/a
The transparency opportunity: holding power to account – or making power accountable? in Transparency in politics and the media : accountability and open government (2014) I.B. Tauris, in association with the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, University of Oxford n/a
Ethics in Data Journalism in Ethics for Digital Journalists: Emerging Best Practices (2014) Routledge Serialised in the Online Journalism blog
Multiple FOI requests: saving time and effort in FOI Ten Years On (2015) Abramis Early draft published on Help Me Investigate
Stories & Streams: A Problem-Based Design for Student-Led Collaboration and Peer-to Peer Teaching Across Media Practice Modules (with Jon Hickman and Jennifer Jones) in Collaborative Learning in Media Education (2015) Abramis Early draft published on Help Me Investigate
Data journalism and the 2015 UK General Election in UK Election Analysis 2015: Media, Voters and the Campaign (2015) Political Studies Association/Bournemouth University Longer version published on the Online Journalism blog
Chilling Effect: Regional journalists’ source protection and information security practice in the wake of the Snowden and Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA) revelations in Digital Journalism, Volume 5, 2017, Issue 3 pp334-352 Taylor & Francis Summary published on the Online Journalism blog

Here are my lists:

For even more books, I maintain this online bookshop of online journalism-related books.

(If you’re in the US, you may prefer the version. Buying through either link generates a commission so small that I’ve never seen it.)


8 thoughts on “Books

  1. Sathya

    Hey! Paul,

    How you been doing for the day? Hope things are going gr8 at your end.

    I like to post my articles in in OJB. Lemme know should I send you the articles/weblinks.

    Thanks & Regards,


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