Monthly Archives: December 2004

Podcasting – the BBC tell it well

It does take the BBC a while to catch up with these things, but now they have, their article is one of the most readable and accessible introductions to the trend, including some useful links to How to Podcast, and Podcast Alley. Oh, and you’ll need an ipodder.

What Bloggers Can Learn From Journalists

Bloggers could better protect themselves if they took a few pages out of the reporter’s notebook, says Steve Outing, as a follow-up to What journalists can learn from bloggers. While I’m at it I should mention his article on Alpha Bloggers, too.

‘Bloggers, Citizen Media and Rather’s Fall’

Yet another review of 2004 (that year sounds old already) which mentions the impact of blogs – only this time it’s from the OJR’s Mark Glaser, and so worth reading.

PS: Thanks to the posting on Micro Persuasion – a great site in itself – which pointed me to the article (which in turn was turfed up by a search on – my how the hours get whiled away…)

Another Daily Me

Shame on me for not knowing about this sooner, but is another personalised news service: this one looks at what you read and what you search for, and builds a customised news page for you (in a kind of Amazon Recommends sort of way).

This does seem better than the more arbitrary RSS feeds that can overwhelm you with the volume of new postings, so I’ll be trying it to see if it does indeed live up to its promises…