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VIDEO: Making video for online and social

Online and social video is different to broadcast journalism. This video, made for students on the MA in Multiplatform and Mobile Journalism at Birmingham City University, explains the 5 different types that have been identified — as well as how live video combines a number of those. It identifies mistakes to avoid, and tips on preparing and executing online and social video. (Note: this was made before Periscope was closed)

The video refers to a number of examples — you can find links to those below.

Videos mentioned:

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Video plays 4 roles online — here’s a video all about that

When making video for the web there are four broad roles that it is likely to play: it might illustrate a story; add to it; distil the story; or tell it.

In the video below, made for students on the MA in Multiplatform and Mobile Journalism at Birmingham City University, I talk through examples of each type of video, as well as some tips on considering variety of shots, and sequence. You can find links to the examples below.

Videos mentioned:

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VIDEO: How to write for the web (BASIC principles)

The best online journalism has a range of qualities: it tends to be succinct, easy to scan, and it considers how a user might interact with it — whether through links or embedded elements, or more conversational elements like comments and social media hashtags.

One way to remember those qualities is the mnemonic BASIC: Brevity; Adaptability; Scannability; Interactivity; and Community/Conversation. In the video below I talk through those five qualities, and how to put them into practice when writing for the web.

This video was first made for students on the MA in Multiplatform and Mobile Journalism and the MA in Data Journalism at Birmingham City University and is shared as part of a series of video posts. A shorter version can also be found here.

Journalism tool: Clammr, the Vine for audio

Clammr screenshot

Image: screenshot from Clammr

By Alex Iacovangelo

You probably already have your favourite audio recorder and editor but Clammr offers something new: a way to highlight the best bits of your podcast to help it stand out on social media.

Clammr allows you to select up to 24 seconds of a podcast or interview and post that clip on social media with a direct link to the original to attract listeners. Continue reading

5 great data visualisation pieces from outside the newsroom

Some of the most interesting examples of journalistic data visualisation come not from newsrooms, but from creative agencies or companies. In a post first published on her datavis blog Dinfografia, Maria Crosas Batista outlines 5 of the best examples:

1. The Refugee Project

The Refugee Project GIF

Interactive map designed by Hyperakt & Ekene Ijeoma about refugees’ migrations since 1975. It includes historical explanations of some large movements and events to contextualise them. Continue reading