5 great data visualisation pieces from outside the newsroom

Some of the most interesting examples of journalistic data visualisation come not from newsrooms, but from creative agencies or companies. In a post first published on her datavis blog Dinfografia, Maria Crosas Batista outlines 5 of the best examples:

1. The Refugee Project

The Refugee Project GIF

Interactive map designed by Hyperakt & Ekene Ijeoma about refugees’ migrations since 1975. It includes historical explanations of some large movements and events to contextualise them.

Data collected from UNHCR Refugee Data and UN Population Data.


2. No Girl Left Behind

No girl left behind GIF

Interactive website designed by FFunction for UNESCO about girls’ education in Africa. It analyses schools’ conditions and how a lack of quality education jeopardises their future.

Data from the UNESCO Institute for Statistics, Montreal.


3. Fans on the Move

Fans on the move GIF

Interactive website created by Elkano Data for Ticketbis about the number of people across the planet travelling to attend the biggest events.

Data from the popular events for the last three years taken from Ticketbis internal data along with data from partners within the ticketing sector.


4. A day in the Life of Americans

A day in the Life of Americans GIF

From the American Time Use Survey data from 2014, Nathan Yau explores a person’s daily patterns.

After displaying the data as an interactive visualisation, Nathan depicts the main trends in the morning, the lunch time, getting off work and before going to bed.


Twitter: @flowingdata

5. The Fallen of World War II

Interactive and data-driven documentary (there are two versions) made by Neil Halloran about the human costs of the second World War. It compares these numbers to other wars and conflicts in history.

Data from the World War 2 Casualties Wikipedia Article and The Uppsala Conflict Data Program (UCDP).


Twitter: @neilhalloran

Do you have any other examples? Let me know in the comments or @mcrosasb


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