VIDEO: What makes a good email newsletter

Email newsletters are an excellent way for journalism students to build a profile in a field while also improving their specialist knowledge and editorial skills. I’ve put together a short video guide on some of the key techniques to use when starting an email newsletter — and why it’s a great way to stand out in the jobs market.

The video outlines three typical purposes of newsletters, the importance of visuals and links, and other key qualities of the genre. Watch it below.

This video was first made for journalism students on Birmingham City University’s MA in Multiplatform and Mobile Journalism. It also includes some advice on referencing reading and evidence in an evaluation of students’ work.


2 thoughts on “VIDEO: What makes a good email newsletter

  1. aghudson

    As a student interested in journalism, I really payed attention to the 3 purposes of newsletters highlighted in this video. I often find it hard leaving my opinion out of topics I am writing on, would anyone have some advice, from a professional level, on how I could work on focusing in on facts verses just my opinion?

    1. paulbradshawuk Post author

      A good way to start is to put aside time to specifically edit your article afterwards to remove any opinions. If that doesn’t work, ask someone you trust (ideally someone who doesn’t have exactly the same opinions as you, like a relative) to highlight any passages that are subjective/opinion-based rather than objective facts.

      Another technique would be to highlight every claim in the article and check whether there is some attribution of ‘according to X’ that backs it up. If there isn’t, it’s probably just your opinion.


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