Is the future of print video?

[Keyword: ]. That’s the argument of Steve Outing’s article on Poynter, which reports the move of the Press Association’s project to convert regional newspaper journalists into video-journalists. It’s based on a report by David Dunkley Gyimah, senior lecturer at the University of Westminster,

“who has been doing some of the training for the program. He explains: “It’s the newspapers’ answer to thwart the BBC’s plans to introduce what’s termed ultralocal television.”
“He’s building a video-journalism website which among other things will showcase some of the video work being done by newspaper journalists. “

Sadly, that showcase, and David’s own site, the View, have a tendency to crash the less well-endowed browser, so the future may be a while off yet.

Related reading: The Newspaper Non-TV Show; Local papers forge links with BBC
Other newspapers with video coverage: TimesCast, and Delaware Online (A presenter called “Patti Petitte”?)

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