Managing Editor wanted for Bureau of Investigative Journalism

These days any journalist job ad is news, but this one is particularly worth blogging about. The recently formed Investigations Fund has in turn launched the Bureau of Investigative Journalism with a £2million grant from the David and Elaine Potter Foundation, and they’re looking for a Managing Editor.

Here’s the PDF of the job ad. The closing date is actually August 17 and not the 7th as stated in the ad. Although the job ad doesn’t particularly reflect it, the Director of the Centre for Investigative Journalism Gavin Macfadyen expresses a desire for the Bureau to experiment with new media:

“We will experiment with all the techniques available to us from ‘crowdfunding’ to ‘crowdsourcing’ and provide content across the media spectrum. But there is no substitute for first rate reporters being given time and resources to deliver great stories, which hold the powerful to account. The Bureau will offer investigative journalists both proper funding and the support of senior and experienced editors and researchers to carry out important investigations that are in the public interest.”

Here’s what they’re looking for:

  • A noteworthy career as an investigative reporter in either print or electronic media; preferably in both newspaper and television.
  • Experience as an editor or in leading teams of reporters and researchers, in commissioning the work of others.
  • Experience in media law and a track record of defending publication.
  • Dedication to the highest standards of truth in journalism and integrity.
  • The imagination to be highly innovative; and to help the Board in building, and defending a high profile and potentially controversial new venture.

Expressions of interest with an up-to-date CV, can be emailed in confidence to

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