Ego boost for the week (oh, and nine other bloggers)

Adrian Monck has compiled a top ten of “the UK’s finest journalism bloggers” based on blogroll links. Here it is:

  1. 194 Roy Greenslade
  2. 165 Paul Bradshaw
  3. 119 Shane Richmond
  4. 73 Robin Hamman
  5. 66 Jemima Kiss
  6. 65 Andrew Grant-Adamson65 Martin Stabe
  7. 61 Richard Sambrook
  8. 49 Seamus McCauley
  9. 46 Simon Waldman

Does this merely demonstrate what an incestuous lot we are? That only the BBC, Guardian and Telegraph have time to allow staff to write about what they’re doing? That it’s time to start linking to other people on my blogroll? That Adrian has too much time on his hands? Of course we’ve been here before. Answers on a postcard, please.

2 thoughts on “Ego boost for the week (oh, and nine other bloggers)

  1. Adrian Monck

    My attempt to follow in the big footsteps of Martin Belam really. But it depends on who is providing links via RSS.

    We look like a small world, but look at Jaci Stephen at the Mail (11 GR subscribers), or Media Monkey on just 12. Look at your base of 165 against the mighty Robert Fisk on just 188.

    Interesting how little attention your blog gets from so-called conventional media when you’re packing them in (relatively speaking!).

  2. paulbradshaw Post author

    I think it demonstrates how much traditional media still rely on traditional sources – traditional universities, London-based writers, personal contacts, and most of all: each other.


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