Review: ScribbleSheet (by Darcy Vergara)


What do they say it is?

ScribbleSheet is about people expressing their opinions. It’s for people who have something to say but do not have the time to maintain a blog, or a job at their local newspaper. These opinions go unheard. ScribbleSheet wants to give everyday citizen journalism a home by making writing an article as simple as composing an email.

“ScribbleSheet gives readers the chance to discover alternative viewpoints and outlooks on the world. As well as the opportunity to join a community that makes the users, the editor by voting and commenting on articles. Key to everything is ScribbleSheet’s ethos which values openness, freedom, and mutual respect.”

What do I say it is?

The Scribblesheet is an opportunity for any person to write. It’s a place where we can find different perspectives about many subjects, different opinions and points of view.

Maybe we couldn’t find other place with people talking about different subjects from different places. It’s interesting because it’s a real way to take part in something.

In Scribblesheet any person can write, but first they must join the Web site. It´s very easy, it only takes a few minutes and the system is very friendly.

What’s great about it?

The content is created by the users. That is a prominent element, the people can write their opinions, with their different point of view. If the users are in the community they can add comments and vote. The web site has high usability.

What could be better?

In some articles there is too much text. The site doesn’t have bold, and posts are difficult to read. They should include bold and smaller paragraphs. Morover, it would be a great if any people could add comments, people outside the community.

The content is owned by or licensed to Scribblesheet, subject to copyright and other intellectual property rights.

How is it going to make money?

The site only has Google ads. It doesn’t have another kind of massive publicity. They have many comments, but it’s not clear how this will translate to revenue.

Should I pay it any attention?

Yes, if you are looking for other opinions from different people, with different points of view Scribblesheet is for you. Articles written by people of around the world, with varied context that converges in that web site.

by Darcy Vergara P.

5 thoughts on “Review: ScribbleSheet (by Darcy Vergara)

  1. JohnofScribbleSheet

    Thanks for the review we appreciate feedback. Under things to improve…

    1. As for the text size, bolding and paragraphs we are sorting this out now. The new design changes should be up by Monday lunch time.

    2. Anyone will be able to add comments from Monday, just like a blog.


    In terms of Intellectual Property, ScribbleSheet only maintains limited rights to the content. These rights only exist as long as the writers content is on the site.

    To put it simply were not going to take advantage of people and the t and c’s are not as restrictive as You Tube content for example.

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