Comment call: which are the best non-English language blogs?

I’ve been painfully aware of my (and many people’s) ignorance of blogs written in languages other than English. I’m aware of some – Andre Deak in Brazil; Philip Couve in France; Alex Gamela in Portugal (who writes every post in English too); Nico Luchsinger in Switzerland; Beppe Grillo in Italy (also in English); and Adam Javurek in the Czech Republic – but really I could do better.

And I’ve started creating a Yahoo! Pipe which (clumsily) translates three of those blogs into English (sadly Adam tells me there is no online Czech to English translator)

So here’s a call for comments – what are the best non-English blogs, either about journalism specifically or social media generally?

31 thoughts on “Comment call: which are the best non-English language blogs?

  1. Nico

    Well, I’m flattered to be included in Paul’s list – but of course, there are many other german (online) media blogs that are worth reading. Here are some of my favourites:

    Medienspiegel – mandatory if you’re a journalist in Switzerland.

    Medienlese – covering mostly Swiss and German online media.

    Stefan Niggemeier – Niggemeier is one of the founders of the media watchblog Bildblog, this is his personal blog.

    Indiskretion Ehrensache – Thomas Knüwer, who is also a reporter for the newspaper Handelsblatt, is one of the few German print journalists who also blogs.

    Beobachtungen zur Medienkonvergenz – An irregularly updated, but truly excellent Swiss blog about social media and technology convergence.

    I’m sure I’m forgetting some, but it’s a start…

  2. Luis Santos

    Ponto Media, Antonio Granado – Portuguese

    Jornalismo e Comunicação
    , UMinho researchers – Portuguese

    Atrium – Media & Cidadania, my own (if I may be so bold…)

    Intermezzo, researchers and professionals – Portuguese (Brazil)

    Jornalismo e Internet, researchers – Portuguese (Brazil)

    eCuaderno, Jose Luis Orihuela (Spanish)

    E-periodistas, Ramón Salavarría (Spanish)

    Infotendencias, research project blog (Spanish)

    Periodistas21, Juan Varela (Spanish)

    Tiscar, Tiscar Lara (Spanish)

    …for now 🙂

  3. Alexandre Gamela

    Luis Santos already has done part of the job, and his Atrium – Media & Cidadania was in my list too. But there are other portuguese written media blogs from both sides of the Atlantic:
    Travessias Digitais by Hélder Bastos;
    Contrafactos&Argumentos since 2002 writing about cultures, economy and politics, technology and social impacts, media, social contamination, weird stuff… Mas Certamente que Sim! , by Paulo Querido;
    Comunicamos, a great blog run by media students and teachers from UTAD;

    Código Aberto;
    Jornalismo e Internet Gjol Bloga collective blog written by a group of researchers in online journalism at Bahia University ;
    Libellus , a blog kept by Ana Brambilla;
    Journalism is dead, a corrosive media blog from Brazil;
    Carnet de Notes by André Lemos, Associate Professor at the Faculty of Communication, Federal University of Bahia, Brazil.

    Gabriela Zago has also a great blog about online media and journalism;

    This comes in handy because i was about to make a
    list of bloggers to participate in a blog carnival,and i’m thinking about inviting a few from this list. Still, there are many others that were left out, and i’m sure i forgot some.

    PS: To be flattered is to say the least, but i agree with Nico.

  4. Gabriela

    Somewhere inside the OJB wiki, there are 5 lists of Portuguese (Brazil and Portugal), Spanish, French and Hebrew media blogs 🙂
    A list of some Brazilian blogs can be found here.

  5. paulbradshaw Post author

    @Alex – your comment rescued from Akismet, thanks.
    @Philip – I know Kristine – as she writes in English I didn’t include her. Am planning a future post on bloggers who write in English outside the US/UK/Canada/Aus/etc.

  6. wilbertbaan

    Dutch groupblogs are (social media, long articles about how and why) (about online marketing and often breaking the news about new projectes) (about online marketing and media)

    Dutch blogger and new media enthusiast Erwin Blom made an overview with his favorite Dutch blogs by individuals. I think this covers a good part of the spectrum of blog that are writing about new and social media

    I’m sure I forgot to mention some of the best blogs. If other Dutch readers read this, please ad more blogs.

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  12. Clicaiply

    Excellent site and I am really pleased to see you have this this post.
    I am crrently working in the south of france looking at property for sale, having fun in the sun and bookmarking everything that I find interesting on the net (including of course !)
    It has taken me literally 1 hours and 51 minutes of searching the web to find you (just kidding!) so I shall be pleased to become a regular visitor from now on 🙂



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