Post more = rank higher. We knew it already, but here’s the evidence.

The second part of Technorati’s State of the Blogosphere report is out, with more obvious headlines: the more you post, the better your blog does. Here’s the detail from TechCrunch:

“Blogging is a volume game. The more you post, the more chances there are that someone else will link to one of your posts. (Technorati rank is based on the number of recent links to your blog). The majority of the Top 100 blogs tracked by Technorati post five or more times per day, and a full 43 percent post more than 10 times per day. Meanwhile, 64 percent of the 5,000 blogs ranked lower than 600 post two to four times a day, which is still a serious commitment.”

For ‘Technorati’, you can also read ‘Google’, as it also ranks pages based on how many incoming links they have (among other things).

This really only confirms what own experience – and those of millions of others – suggests. But I would add a caveat.

While regular posting definitely increases blog traffic, a well considered, high quality post can be just as effective. Posts like the 21st Century Newsroom series generate a constant stream of visits to this blog, for instance. Another point is that frequent posting can result in good posts being buried beneath other ones when people check their RSS readers.

The best strategy, it seems, is a balance of frequency with quality.

6 thoughts on “Post more = rank higher. We knew it already, but here’s the evidence.

  1. The Worst of Perth

    I find that posting twice a day never means twice the number of visitors. Posting more than twice tends to kill conversation between loyal commenters and usually doesn't develop the really interesting comment threads. On the other hand, I have a big queue of good content, much of it original material submitted by readers. They get annoyed if the submission they've taken the trouble to send doesn't appear for months. I'm not really sure how to resolve it.

  2. Paul Bradshaw

    Seems to me you may have to split the site into categories to accommodate the extra content if you want to retain fewer posts per day…

  3. TheWorstofPerth

    Categories separated under different pages but united in the comments might work better, but doesn't allow for such a customisation. It would still only be a slight improvement as far as diluting interest in one particular post goes, but would be better overall concept. Trying out intense debate.

  4. Brian

    I'm new to the blogging world and looking for ways to improve my blog. Thanks for the information, I can use the help and enjoy the blog.

  5. Matthew Bennett

    Interesting. While it would be difficult for any new blogger to aim straight for the top 100 successful blogs on the whole internet, hope does not appear to be lost if you want to create a successful post without posting 10 times every day. In terms of posting rates, the box on the graph seems to be saying that: "if you post once a day or more (25 times a month) then you've a good chance of being somewhere in the top 5000 bloggers on the internet because most blogs post only once every three days or so (10 times a month)." So if you set your blogging work-flow up for just two posts a day (60 or so a month), you'll go far. Further, I imagine, if they're quality posts.


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