It’s the Sun wot won it at Fark

The Sun has had more stories submitted to Fark, the social news site for stranger news stories, than any other UK newspaper. That may be no surprise, but it’s the Guardian wot’s runner up.

The news follows the discovery that the Guardian is top at Reddit, the Times at StumbleUpon, and the Telegraph at Digg.

The graph is based on an analysis of the total submissions for each newspaper site to Fark. It shows that, just as with those other social news sites, the FT, Mirror and Express are trailling in last.

Sun winning at Fark, Guardian second

Sun winning at Fark, Guardian second

2 thoughts on “It’s the Sun wot won it at Fark

  1. Robin Brown

    The Sun’s content is perfect for Fark, and is listed on Fark as a media partner. I’m not sure what this means, but it’s not surprising in that context to see lots of Sun links.

    There’s a movement on Digg to ‘deboost’ Sun stories as it’s so disliked.

  2. malcolmcoles

    Robin: Indeed it is perfect – although that doesn’t explain why the Guardian is second! Or why the Mirror is doing so much worse (although from the previous posts on Digg etc, the Mirror seems to have a lot of work to do to engage with the various social media communities).


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