Live stream: press regulation debate at Frontline Club

From 19.45 GMT the Frontline Club will be streaming a live debate on press regulation. Participants include the Independent editor Roger Alton and Radio 4 presenter Steve Hewlett. Here’s the blurb:

“According to a report published by the Media Standards Trust, the current system of press self-regulation is not successfully protecting either the press or the public. The current system is not, the report claims, effective enough, accountable enough, or transparent enough, and does not reflect the transformed media environment. So should Britain’s system of press self-regulation be over-hauled and if it is, will it do anything to restore public faith in the press?”

You can follow proceedings below:

Live TV : Ustream

2 thoughts on “Live stream: press regulation debate at Frontline Club

  1. Graham

    Paul – here’s the link to the archive of the recording

    Grab the embed code

    [ ?posts_id=1918120&dest=-1]

    Should be OK for WordPress. Thanks again.


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