The best piece of Bad Journalism debunking I’ve ever seen

I’ve just stumbled across Neurobonkers’s blog post The worst piece of drugs reporting I have ever read and wanted to share it here.

The post uses an animated Prezi presentation to take the reader through 10 errors in an article in the Hull Daily Mail on the dangers of a “cheap new drug” (notably, the article is no longer online). I won’t add spoilers by revealing what those errors are – but this is a particularly engaging way to teach journalism students not only about accuracy in reporting on stories such as these, but why it’s important.

Enjoy the presentation.

.prezi-player { width: 550px; } .prezi-player-links { text-align: center; }


3 thoughts on “The best piece of Bad Journalism debunking I’ve ever seen

  1. Neurobonkers

    I don’t think I’ve ever been more flattered 🙂 Thanks!

    I should add that the article has just been removed following a complaint to the Press Complaints Commission. The Independent and the Metro have both since published similar stories – it’ll be interesting to see how they respond..

  2. A. R.

    This may not be the place for this – but I am livid. Yet today, once more, again, the yellow, yellow journalist who writes for the local newspaper has posted an editorial piece. Here you have a guy who writes specifically to titillate, then gives sketchy reports, with nothing, nothing in-depth, as he could well do, making it seem as though – shrug of shoulders — that’s the way it went – -THEN, the @@#!! writes an editorial in which he completely attacks what he saw, and that which he under-reported. High emotion – the whole bit.

    So, the thing is – apart from the fact that this guy should not be allowed to report on local government-related news unless he were to do the damn job right – where the hell is his Managing Editor in this? How can he conscience the deliberate bad reporting — and the always-predicatble slam-dunk that the reporter executes after the fact as his personal opinion? sonofabitch!

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