New free web journalism book – in Portuguese

web jornalismo cover

A new book on web journalism – with chapters on the seven qualities of journalism on the web – has been made available for free online.

João Canavilhas, the editor of ‘Web jornalismo‘ invited seven authors with seven different nationalities to write about a different quality of web journalism. I contributed a chapter on ‘instantaneity’.

The chapters were then translated into Portuguese.

A full list of chapters and topics is below.

  1. Hypertextuality (João Canavilhas – Portugal);
  2. Multimedia (Ramón Salaverria – Spain);
  3. Interactivity (Alejandro Rost – Argentina);
  4. Memory (Marcos Palacios – Brazil);
  5. Instantaneity (Paul Bradshaw – UK);
  6. Ubiquity (John Pavlik);
  7. Customisation (Mirko Lorenz – D)

An English version has also been completed and is expected to be released following a review.


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