VIDEO: Writing for social media: ‘shortform’ storytelling

Writing for social media is a different skill to writing news articles, or even writing headlines. In this video I explain key techniques in shortform storytelling, such as the importance of quotes and numbers, images and video, as well as examples of narrative structures used in tweets and threads.

The video includes the following checklist to use with any piece of social media writing:

  1. Does it have image/video/GIF/emojis?
  2. Does it NOT read like a headline?
  3. Is there a CTA (Call To Action)?
  4. Has it considered hashtags?
  5. Does it @ name subjects?
  6. Does it have beginning and end?
  7. Can it use quotes or numbers?
  8. Is it timed appropriately?
  9. Are you testing different versions?

The video was made for students on the MA in Multiplatform and Mobile Journalism at Birmingham City University. A series of video posts from my teaching can be found at this link.


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