Find out who’s quoting you

[Keyword: ]. It’s great to see that Blogger has now added the facility to see which blogs are linking to your postings – something I’d previously relied on Technorati to do, but which wasn’t too effective as it only applies to Technorati members. This is likewise is limited to Blog Search-listed sites but that’s a much larger population to draw on.

Anyway, to turn the facility on, go to your Settings, and the Comments tab – you want to be turning ‘Back Links’ on (this link may take you straight there).

You can also subscribe to a regular search for sites that link to yours – information here.

PS: Apologies for the infrequent postings of late. Becoming a father can do that to you.

1 thought on “Find out who’s quoting you

  1. Rands

    Thanks for sticking with the blog. It’s at the top of my My Yahoo RSS feed — it’s great.

    (and congratulations)


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