How to report a news story online

[Keyword: , ]. Here’s a good set of tips from the Online Journalism Review on using the internet to improve your journalism. “Online writers can solicit leads and advice from readers through open source reporting, or even ask readers to report a story themselves, through a distributed reporting project.”

This really forces you to re-think some of the fundamental work processes of journalism. Open Source Reporting, for instance, involves you announcing the topic you wish to investigate, and inviting readers to “submit leads, tips, sources and ideas”, with the potential benefits outweighing the potential loss of a scoop.

1 thought on “How to report a news story online

  1. Vicki Booros

    Hi – this is our news story! When I tried to reach out to the local news station, I was told that Lowe’s advertises with them and If we wanted our story heard, we would have to purchase advertising…. I guess so much for freedom of speech! Any help in getting our story out would be appreciated!


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