Multimedia journalism meets conversational media

[Keyword: , ]. Poynter showcases a great example of multimedia journalism that also incorporate conversational journalism: the Christian Science Monitor’s feature: Hostage: The Jill Carroll Story:

“Along with a gripping, detailed account of Monitor freelancer Jill Carroll’s widely publicized 82 days of captivity while on assignment in Iraq, this package also includes streaming video of an extensive interview with Carroll — as well as links to related
coverage, including the still-active Jill Carroll update blog.
Back in May, the Monitor started taking reader questions for Carroll… several of the hundreds of reader questions will be answered with video clips and full
“[It] is an excellent example of how multimedia can become conversational media. I’d like to see this concept expanded, maybe by offering a call-in line where readers can record their comments in audio format, and even send in a photo or a link, so you can splice that in to the final video interview. And, as I mentioned earlier, I’d love it if the Monitor allowed online comments to each Q&A segment, to continue the conversation.”

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