Media website editors network site – a plug

“Online resource and discussion area for media website editors” the Digital Editors Network gets a plug in the latest Press Gazette letters page. It’s pretty quiet at the moment, both in terms of posts and comments, and it’s not clear whether media website editors have been invited to post to the site, or only comment (I’m guessing the latter). As word gets around (and I hope I’m helping here) it may be one to watch, particularly with regard to Johnston Press.

1 thought on “Media website editors network site – a plug

  1. Francois Nel

    Thanks for the plug. Thought you might want advance notice that Nick’s planning a Digital Editors face-to-face meet on Tuesday, May 15th, preceding the next Journalism Leaders Forum & networking reception in Preston. Entitled ‘Editor as Entrepreneur’, it should be good with panellists including mobile media whiz Eamonn Carey and BBC blogger Martin Hamann . Others to be confirmed shortly. Of course, details fo the free event is at Hope you can make it..


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