Twitter Cartoon Day – the video, the cartoon

Alex Gamela, who by the way deserves most of the credit for the idea of Twitter Cartoon Day (see screengrabbed tweets below), put together this video about it:

He’s also started a poll for a further ‘Twitter Theme Day’ – I’m not sure if having it as a regular thing kind of undermines the spontaneous fun thing that made Friday so good, but you may disagree.

Meanwhile, below is a cartoon of sorts on the build up to the idea.

One of the interesting things about Twitter is the way it can record how an idea goes from an initial inspiration, to a small-scale experiment, to something much bigger, as ‘lurkers’ turn to active participants and an idea snowballs – or, how a public conversation can lead to a global one. In multiple languages.

Lots of lessons, too, which I’ll tell you about if I ever meet you.

(And I’m sure someone else can create something better from the Flickr Twitter Cartoon Day group).

Here’s the ‘cartoon’:

Twitter Cartoon Day - the cartoon

2 thoughts on “Twitter Cartoon Day – the video, the cartoon

  1. Alexandre Gamela

    Paul should have all the credit, i just said something out loud and he picked it up and got things rolling, without him last Friday wouldn’t be as half as fun as it was 🙂 . And i agree it’s best to leave it as a one time event, or all the spontaneitywill be lost . Thanks Paul for gathering and motivating the twitter troops and to everyone who joined this day.For me it was a blast.

    Glad you liked the video Sarah, thanks!

    PS: if anyone has his/her tweet in the video and is not comfortable with that, let me know, and we’ll find a solution ok?


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