Today is Twitter Cartoon Day – make it fun

Cartoon Twitter Day

Today is Twitter Cartoon Day. I’m going to be Dick Dastardly Dangermouse Esteban from The Cities of Gold Hong Kong Phooey Dick Dastardly. Brighten up the lives of your fellow Twitterers today by changing your avatar (picture) to a cartoon character.

And see how many pictures on your followers list change…

I you want to spread the word further, click on the image above for an image you can use as your Twitter wallpaper.

After all, it’s Friday!

24 thoughts on “Today is Twitter Cartoon Day – make it fun

  1. Alexandre Gamela

    Let’s make each Friday a Twitter Theme Friday: Next Week- Favorite Drink. Maybe we could get som sponsorship from the beverage companies heheheh.

    For those who don’t get why this can be fun, ok, don’t.

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  9. paulbradshaw Post author

    @Simon, too late now, but some people took into their own hands to tag it #twittercartoonday, which was nice. With tweetscan I’m not sure of the point of hashtags any more, apart from events.

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  16. rumah dijual

    in some countries , lke my country Indonesia … twitter isn’t really that famous and not really work well. Since, most people here are not frequently online via their cellphone

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