Social bookmarking the Birmingham Post way

Sometimes I feel like my vision of the future is slowly coming true in front of my eyes. Yesterday I discovered that the Birmingham Post features writer Jo Ind has started incorporating social bookmarks into her articles. If you look at the bottom of this health article you’ll see the following line:

To learn more about Select Research and the body volume index, see Jo Ind’s suggested links or visit her blog.”

Jo Ind’s suggested links are on The tool is also being used by Radio 4’s iPM, as previously reported and Jemima Kiss integrates her feed into her Guardian blog as the PDA ‘Newsbucket’ (much as this blog and many others do as an albeit more prosaic “delicious feed”).

But phrasing the link as ‘suggested links’ (rather than ‘iPM Delicious’) and positioning it at the bottom of an article rather than as a sidebar widget is a better idea, and closer to what I was suggesting in the ‘What’ of my ‘Five Ws and a H that should come after every story’.

I’m currently preparing an article on social bookmarking for journalists. Does anyone know of any other examples of it being used in public by journalists?

Oh, and by the way: to learn more about delicious and social bookmarking, see my suggested links here and here.

8 thoughts on “Social bookmarking the Birmingham Post way

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  5. Bob

    Social bookmarking is a method for Internet users to store, organize, search, and manage bookmarks of web pages on the Internet with the help of metadata. =========================================================== Bob <a href="“target=”_blank”>Social Bookmarking

  6. rumah dijual surabaya

    ummm.. I found another way to promote website as well as our social bookmarking nice idea! would it be good doing on Digg?
    “To learn more about Select Research and…” is a nice footnote
    another idea to add in my next blog feed



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