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#twoonday – it’s Twitter Cartoon Day 2!

twoonday banner

Today is Twitter Cartoon Day 2 – or, for brevity’s sake: Twoonday.

The idea is simple: cheer up the Twittersphere by changing your avatar (picture) to a cartoon character.

Last year was fun, but this year there are more of us on Twitter, and more things we can do.

There’s a Flickr group where you can submit your screengrabs, and @AlexGamela is creating a Google Map of Twooning Twitterers. I’ll also be creating a tagcloud of the words most used with the #twoonday tag (thanks to @psychemedia for help with that).

The image above is designed to fit neatly on Twitter wallpaper. A larger version is available on Flickr.

Tag your tweets #twoonday to join the fun. Follow the tag here.

After all, it’s Friday!

Twitter Cartoon Day – the video, the cartoon

Alex Gamela, who by the way deserves most of the credit for the idea of Twitter Cartoon Day (see screengrabbed tweets below), put together this video about it:

He’s also started a poll for a further ‘Twitter Theme Day’ – I’m not sure if having it as a regular thing kind of undermines the spontaneous fun thing that made Friday so good, but you may disagree.

Meanwhile, below is a cartoon of sorts on the build up to the idea. Continue reading

Today is Twitter Cartoon Day – make it fun

Cartoon Twitter Day

Today is Twitter Cartoon Day. I’m going to be Dick Dastardly Dangermouse Esteban from The Cities of Gold Hong Kong Phooey Dick Dastardly. Brighten up the lives of your fellow Twitterers today by changing your avatar (picture) to a cartoon character.

And see how many pictures on your followers list change…

I you want to spread the word further, click on the image above for an image you can use as your Twitter wallpaper.

After all, it’s Friday!