Guardian tops Reddit submissions list

The Guardian has had more stories submitted to than any other major newspaper site.

The news follows the Telegraph topping the Digg list and the Times topping the StumbleUpon list.

The graph shows how many pages have been submitted to Reddit for each site. It’s based on an analysis of newspapers’ Reddit submissions that also suggests the Telegraph is catching up with the Guardian – they tied for the number of stories submitted over the last week.

Submissions to Reddit: Guardian wins

Submissions to Reddit: Guardian wins

3 thoughts on “Guardian tops Reddit submissions list

  1. Allison White

    Does this essentially mean that more users are hitting those lovely social buttons many newspaper sites have on their story pages? Do you know if there’s a way to keep track of how many people hit those buttons on a site?

  2. malcolmcoles

    Well although the Telegraph is clearly getting lots of Digg traffic from its digg widget, if you click the TImes/Stumble link above, and click back to my original post, the top two Stumbled sites are the Sun and Timesonline – neither of which have the Stumble icon on their site.

    As to who hits what when there are icons, you can see the stats for the sharethis widget here. Facebook wins by miles … Which might say more about the audience of sharethis users, but might not.

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