Best RSS feeds for information graphics – in one lovely OPML file

There’s a great list of RSS feeds for infographics news over at Nicholas Rapp’s blog, which I’ve belatedly discovered. It’s thoroughly recommended – but copying and pasting them all into your reader is a bit of a chore – so I’ve created an OPML file of them all which you can import in one graceful motion.

Here’s the OPML file

And here’s how you get those feeds into Google Reader (the process should be pretty similar in other RSS readers):

  1. Save that OPML file to your computer (right-click on that link, and select Save As…)
  2. Go into Settings in your reader (top right)
  3. Click on the Import/Export tab
  4. Click on Choose File
  5. Find the OPML file you’ve just saved and click Open
  6. Click up Upload
  7. Hey presto! You should now be subscribed to all the infographics feeds in that file

I’ll blog about how I did this in a future post.


12 thoughts on “Best RSS feeds for information graphics – in one lovely OPML file

  1. Katchooo

    Hmm, it’s saving as an XML file but right clicking on it is not bringing ‘save as’ option so stymied at stage 1. What program are you import/export’ing in?

  2. Katchooo

    Aha – done. This may be me being slow but point 2 needed to say go to settings in your reader. All feeds now in one place – thanks. How I get them from default main folder into my infographics folder without individual clicking is another matter entirely though!

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    1. Paul Bradshaw Post author

      Gah! Must have been lost when I changed hosts. Will try to dig it out and re-upload…


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