Here are 9 email newsletters about data… I think you’ll like at least 4 of them

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Sophie Warnes doesn’t just round up data journalism in her emails, she *does* data journalism *about* her emails

As the first group of MA Data Journalism students prepare to start their course this month, I’ve been recommending a number of email newsletters in the field that they should be following — and I thought I should share it here too.

Here, then, are 9 email newsletters about data — if I’ve missed any please let me know.

1. Sophie Warnes’s Fair Warning

Sophie Warnes is a data journalist (and a former student of mine) who has worked for a variety of titles, and recently took up a role at the UK’s Office for National Statistics. Since February her newsletter Fair Warning has been providing a weekly roundup of data journalism in the UK and internationally that’s caught her eye.

She also shares insights into her experiences of publishing an email newsletter on Medium, where the newsletter is cross-posted.

2. Jeremy Singer-Vine: Data Is Plural

Data Is Plural — Structured Archive Google Sheets

Each issue of the Data Is Plural newsletter is recorded in a Google spreadsheet

The Data Editor for BuzzFeed News, Jeremy Singer-Vine has been publishing his weekly newsletter — highlighting useful/curious datasets (largely US-focused), for almost 2 years. A list of all the emails is available as a spreadsheet. Subscribe here.

3. Giuseppe Sollazzo: In Other News

Giuseppe Sollazzo describes himself as an “Open Data, Standards & Transparency policy wonk”, but he’s also an academic at St George’s, University of London, and the creator of a range of impressive pieces of data journalism work.

His newsletter In Other News has been collecting a miscellany of links of interest to data geeks since 2014.

4. Andy Dickinson: The Media Mill Gazette

Andy Dickinson’s area of interest is the use of open data and hyperlocal data journalism. The Media Mill Gazette covers both fields, as well as national and international data work, and academic research.

5. Peter Yeung: 1801

Peter Yeung’s newsletters feature lots of gifs – such as this one on a piece of Indian data journalism about dowries

The Times (UK) data journalist Peter Yeung launched his own email newsletter in July, highlighting some of the most interesting pieces of, and about, data journalism around the world. Like Sophie Warnes, he also publishes each issue on Medium.

You can read the first issue here, and subscribe to the email here.

6. Open Knowledge International Newsletter

The Open Knowledge Foundation (OKFN) has been working in the field of open data for some time, and their newsletter taps into a global network of partners and projects to provide updates on events, initiatives, reports and tools.

7. The DataFace: “Data & Eggs”

The DataFace describe themselves as “A group of data junkies interested in sports, politics, music, the environment – and just about everything in between.” They produce a newsletter of their “favorite data-driven stories from the prior week … unified by their reliance on rich visualizations and interactivity to enlighten the reader.”

8. The Johns Hopkins Data Science Lab: Monday Morning Data Science

Fresh from the Lab

The latest newsletter from The Johns Hopkins Data Science Lab features discussion about AI and a review of R tools

For the real data geek, Monday Morning Data Science by The Johns Hopkins Data Science Lab provides a regular hit of links to blog posts, podcasts and videos related to data science, statistics

9. Heather Krause: Datassist

Heather Krause is the instructor on both “Crafting Data Stories” and “Data Exploration and Storytelling: Finding Stories in Data with Exploratory Analysis and Visualization”, and founder and principal data scientist of Datassist. It’s not easy to find, but at the bottom of the Datassist homepage is a link to subscribe to their monthly newsletter, focusing on practical tips and useful links.



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