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Saving the evidence in Ukraine: collaborate first – or you won’t be able to ask questions later

YanukovychLeaks screengrab

“The reporters then did something remarkable. They made a decision to cooperate among all the news organizations and to save first and report later.

“It wasn’t an easy decision. But it was clear that if they didn’t act, critical records of their own country’s history could be lost. The scene was already filling with other reporters eager to grab what stories they could and leave. In contrast, the group was joined by a handful of other like-minded journalists: Anna Babinets of Slidstvo/TV Hromadske;  Oleksandr Akymenko, formerly of Forbes; Katya Gorchinska and Vlad Lavrov of the Kyiv Post. Radio Free Europe reporter Natalie Sedletska returned from Prague so she could help, and others came, too.

“… In the tense situation that characterizes Ukraine, conspiracies form quickly. To demonstrate their transparency, the organizers quickly moved to get documents up. By early Tuesday, nearly 400 documents, a fraction of the estimated 20,000 to 50,000 documents, had been posted. Dozens more are being added by the hour.”

Drew Sullivan writes about Yanukovych Leaks.

VIDEO: Advice for investigative journalists, from the Balkan Investigative Reporters Network Summer School

In September I spoke at the Balkan Investigative Reporters Network (BIRN) Summer School in Croatia. I took the opportunity to film brief interviews with 4 journalists on their tips for investigating companies, bribery and corruption, and finding and analysing data and experts.

These were originally published on the Help Me Investigate blog, but I’m cross-posting them all here for those who don’t follow that.

As always these videos are published under a Creative Commons licence, so you are free to re-edit the material or add it to other work, with attribution. (In fact, these videos were actually re-edited from the original uploads on my own YouTube account – adding simple titles and re-publishing on the Help Me Investigate YouTube channel using the YouTube editor).