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Snapchat for journalists (part 2): the tools explained

In a previous post I covered the different types of stories that work well for news organisations on Snapchat. In this second extract from the ebook Snapchat for Journalists I go into more detail on how to use particular tools: the pencil, stickers, and filters

Snapchat book cover

You can read a lot more about Snapchat in this ebook (also available in the Kindle store)

Using pencils

Aside from captions you can also illustrate images and video with filters, pencil annotations and stickers.

The pencil tool can be used by tapping the pencil icon in the upper right corner after taking your image or video snap. This will open up a slider which you can use to choose your pencil colour (to get black you will need to drag your finger past the slider and all the way to the bottom right of the screen; to get white drag your finger from the slider to the upper left corner of the screen).

The pencil can be used in a number of ways but common techniques include:

  • Highlighting some element in the image or video, by circling it, colouring around it, and/or drawing an arrow pointing to it
  • Making caption text easier to read by colouring behind it (text will always appear on top of pencil marks)
  • Writing text
  • Drawing on top of an image: for example giving someone sunglasses, a crown, halo, etc. Continue reading