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Let’s do something interesting with the OJB Facebook Group

The OJB Facebook Group is about to hit 1500 members, and yet we’ve never really done anything interesting with it. I’d like to change that.

I am advertising the position of OJB Facebook Group Manager. It has no pay, of course, but it does have potential for fun, and valuable experience.

For example, could we crowdsource something? Could we broaden the voices on OJB? Use apps and widgets creatively? Engage with the Wall and forums better? Something else? (setting up a Fan page?).

What would you do with a group of 1500 people? Send me a message on Facebook with your ideas and a link to your online presence, and then I’ll set up some online discussion to develop it further.

PS: As an equal opportunities non-employer, I’m particularly interested to hear from people outside of the Anglo-American world.