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Political blogs and how people read them: Sunday Salon Webchat 8pm #onlinepolitics

Following on from last week’s experimental webchat about how different people make a small or a large income from their political blogs (debate starter, actual webchat), I am running another one this evening at 8pm.

There will be a Sunday Salon tomorrow (June 6th at 8pm), looking at different aspects of linking, promotion, how people read blogs and the interaction of blogs and Twitter.

The chat will be hosted at the Wardman Wire using CoverItLive. I will put out a few key points to Twitter using the hashtag #onlinepolitics, but the main debate will be on the blog.

As a discussion starter, this post includes a podcast interview (35 minutes) I recorded earlier this week with Dan Levy, who manages the UK website of Wikio.

We covered everything from the history of Wikio to how the rankings are compiled, how the Wikio service is used, and what developments will be happening in the future.

Any help in promoting the event is welcome. This will be the pattern:

  1. Article published to give a focus for the debate.
  2. Webchat on Sunday night 8pm-9pm.
  3. Publication of lightly edited script on the Wardman Wire, and circulation by email of a short analysis.

If you add a comment below I will email you with a reminder in future.

An experiment tonight in joining up politics #onlinepolitics

Tonight I’m doing an experiment to create a conversation about politics across several different niches, with the idea of trying to broaden political debate.

My aim is to help pull together different aspects of politics and media – including campaigning, technology skills, scrutiny, how to report to a high standard, and local reporting – as a way of helping build participation online.

That’s a big subject, so I’m starting with one aspect that I can grab hold of and which should be of wide interest – making some income from political or other blogs – and a twitter chat on the hashtag #onlinepolitics from 9pm to 10pm, which will be captured on my blog using Cover It Live.

There is an introductory article for this chat published earlier today here, as a “starter for ten”.

Anyone is welcome to watch or join in.

I am @mattwardman on twitter.