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We need this: Lashmar launches blog for journalism events, publications, etc.

Investigative journalist and lecturer Paul Lashmar has launched a much-needed blog listing upcoming journalism events, books, and other useful tidbits for those following the profession/craft/hobby. The blurb runs:

“Keep up to date on the big name journalism lectures and conferences. Find out what new journalism book is worth reading. What’s happening with Britain’s repressive libel laws? Which university’s journalism degrees are the best? Who is doing important media research?”

It’s called The Rubicon and can be found here.

UK investigative journalism foundation established – asks for pledges of support

There have been rumblings for a while about the establishment of a UK investigation foundation, and now it’s here. They’re not accepting cash at the moment, just pledges of support and help. So go help them.

Here’s their open letter: Continue reading