The Online Journalism Blog often experiments with wiki journalism. Here are some ongoing projects which I’d love you to contribute to:

  • Online Journalism Atlas ( an overview of online journalism in countries around the world – add as little or as much about your own country as you like. Instructions on the wiki.
  • Magazines and New Media ( a review of magazine websites and what magazines are doing with new media (including mobile and social networking), split by genre. Add your own website review, link to a useful article, or improve or update the current text. 
  • Blogs and investigative journalism ( a chapter for the forthcoming edition of Investigative Journalism. Add more detail or examples, refine or counterpoint my arguments, update, make corrections or just improve it.
  • How to be a journalism student (
    Based on a blog post of ten tips, this wiki aims to both collate contributions and corrections/clarifications.
  • Wiki Journalism (
    Add to the case studies, literature on wikis, and the opportunities and weaknesses of the form, or help refine the taxonomy of wiki journalism.
  • Crowdsourcing coverage of website awards (
    Write a review of one of the sites shortlisted for the Association of Online Publishers awards 2007. This will remain open even after the winners have been announced, because… well, that’s not the point. Any reviewed categories will be published on the OJB too.


Social networking

There is a Facebook group for the Online Journalism Blog (the second biggest online journalism group) and an Online Journalism Blog widget for Facebook.


I’ve created a map of OJB readers - search for your own postcode/zip code/address to add yourself to the map.



There is an Online Journalism Blog widget for mobiles at Widsets.


Twitter and microblogging

In addition to my own Twitter feed (which includes blog posts and comments), there is one for stories I bookmark, and another that aggregates feeds from blogs about online journalism. Read more about the process behind these here.

2 thoughts on “Play

  1. hvc448

    I just need to let go.
    Thoughts that no one will know.
    They’re all kept inside.
    All they do is sit and hide.
    Becoming invisible,or so you think,
    But really they weigh down my heart and watch it sink.


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