New sites on Interactive Narratives!

Here’s the latest!

Subject: New sites on Interactive Narratives!

7 sites have been added to the Interactive Narratives site entries. You
can find the list on Interactive Narratives.

The new entries include:

Journey with Abdul Hakim
[San Jose Mercury News]
He was the face of war’s impact on civilians when photojournalist
Pauline Lubens met him. Now he has come to the United States for

D-Day: The Hard-Won Beaches of Normandy [Newseum]
A historical analysis of what happened on D-Day, along with the
newspapers that published the landing at Normandy, with audio as well.

Plans to Make Trains Safer
[USA Today]
Graphics and video on how to improve the internal and external structure
support to make trains safer.

Kentucky Derby Multimedia
[Lexington Herald-Leader]
Multimedia coverage of the 132 Kentucky Derby complete with audio slide
shows, panoramas with audio and daily photo galleries.

The Pulitzer Prize Photographs: Capture The Moment [Newseum]
Pulitzer prize photographs shown with audio by the Photographer to what
they experienced while taking the image, along with biographies to the

Zip DeCode (Ben Fry)
A Processing site that allows users to enter a zip code…the map will
then highlight that part of the country as each number is entered.

Color of Solidarity, The
[[X]press Online]
Several thousand marchers convened in a massive demonstration from
Market Street to the Federal Building in San Francisco to show their
unified support for immigrant rights.

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