Who is part of the new establishment of online journalism?

[Keyword: , , ]. Press Gazette are posing the question on their discussion forums of who are the movers and shakers in the new online journalism landscape. A great idea – here are my suggestions:

  • Number one has to be Simon Waldman, group director of digital strategy and development for Guardian Media Group (GMG), and the new chairman of the UK Association of Online Publishers (AOP).
  • Colleagues Emily Bell and Georgina Henry at The Guardian both deserve a mention for their involvement in projects like Commentisfree.
  • The Times’ Peter Bale, one of the longest serving online editors and an informed voice on the medium
  • Guido Fawkes has done a great deal to raise the profile of bloggers in the UK with his breaking of parliamentary stories
  • Rupert Murdoch deserves a mention in any power list, but his speech about the need for newspapers to grapple with the web was a watershed moment that changed the online strategies of many web-sceptics.
  • Pete Clifton, Head of BBC News Interactive, a truly international player in setting the standard for online news forms.
  • Kyle MacRae, head of Scoopt, one of the first agencies to capitalise on the demand for ‘citizen journalism’ content.
  • Pete Picton, editor of Sun Online. The tabloid has made a number of online ‘firsts’ and represents a different approach to online publishing, taking on elements of online gaming, mobile revenues, and video.
  • And Michael Hill’s appointment as Head of Multimedia at Trinity Mirror could be significant given his interest in citizen journalism.

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