MySun makes ‘readers the next editors’

[Keyword: , , , ]. As if to confirm the trend I noted in my previous post, reports on the soft launch of MySun:

“Our idea is to make Sun readers the next editors of the website. One of the key drivers of the Sun is how much the readers get involved. They really respond
to us, they write in, they ring in, they have the attitude that it’s their paper
and we are just the staff that look after it for them,” Pete Picton, Sun online
editor, told

“The new feature allows readers [to] start a blog, join debates and contribute their stories, pictures and comments on breaking news.

“MySun has a six-strong team dedicated running the project in which a
community editor, hired specifically to run the feature, oversees a team of
editorial moderators.”

There’s that ‘community editor’ role again. Take a look at MySun here.

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