Best of the journalism blogs (and creating RSS feeds of RSS feeds) has set up a page pulling feeds from what they consider the ‘Best of the journalism blogs‘. Well, I’m one of them so I’m not going to argue with that. There’s an RSS feed as well, which would save you having to subscribe to the RSS feeds of all 15 blogs individually.

You can actually create a similar service on Wikio. Although the site has the occasional bug (like post summaries appearing in French), once you’ve subscribed to a number of RSS feeds a ‘subscribe’ button appears (top right) with a link to an RSS feed of all your feeds. The RSS feed combining all of the RSS feeds I subscribe to, for instance, is at (you’ll note a large amount of overlap with the feed).

And if you’re feeling really ambitious, you can create something even more complex using Yahoo! Pipes (there’s a review in the printed version of today’s Press Gazette by Martin Stabe… yes, he’s also in the ‘Best Journalism Blogs’ list. And on that circular note…).

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