Monthly Archives: September 2007

Jobseeking site to be relaunched

Jobseeking journalists can add another bookmark to their browser from September 12, when Press Gazette relaunch es The new site promises tailored job alerts and CV registration.

Other sites worth bookmarking include, the Guardian Jobs Media section and Gorkana alerts. If you know of any others (particularly those for online journalists), please post a comment.

UPDATE: Thanks to Kerry for adding Source That Job

If you read one thing today, read ‘What journalists need to know about snowballs and fires’

Still persuading fellow journalists that blogs are worth the effort? Read Kristine Lowe’s ‘What journalists need to know about snowballs and fires’ and spend an hour following up the copious links:

“In the framework of my blog it works like this: I write about a company like Mecom in Norway and another blogger adds a German or Polish perspective, another tips me off about a story I might find interesting in my comment field. Or I write about a law I find worrying, another blogger picks up on the thread and asks a hard question or two, a third does an interview to clarify the situation and adds some very valuable thoughts on what impact the law might have on regimes in Africa, and another cool person analyses the law in a comment (follow-up here).”