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A model for the 21st century newsroom: pt1 – the news diamond

UPDATE: A more up to date version of this post can be found at, where this blog has moved to.

A month ago, I used the Online Journalism Facebook Group to ask readers to suggest what areas they wanted covering, in an experiment with bottom-up editing (the forum for suggestions is still open by the way). Megan T suggested “Rethinking the production of newspapers”.

After researching, conceptualising and scribbling, I’ve come up with a number of models around the news process, newsgathering, interactivity and business models.

The following, then, is the first in a series of proposals for a ‘model for the 21st century newsroom’ (part two is now here). This is a converged newsroom which may produce material for print or broadcast or both, but definitely includes an online element. Here’s the diagram. The model is explained further below it


Building on the strengths of the medium

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Boycott the NCTJ? If only.

For many years the Association for Journalism Education (AJE) has debated whether its institutions should boycott the NCTJ. And for many years the NCTJ has all but ignored it. At this year’s AJE AGM the issue cropped up once again.

The complaints are copious, and I won’t list them all here, but revolve around some core issues: Continue reading

Wiki journalism: are wikis the new blogs?

On Thursday I’ll be presenting my paper on wiki journalism at the Future of Newspapers conference in Cardiff. As previously reported, the full paper is available as a wiki online for anyone to add to or edit. You can also download a PDF of the ‘official’ version.

Based on a review of a number of case studies, and some literature on wikis, the paper proposes a taxonomy of wiki journalism, and outlines the opportunities and weaknesses of the form. The following is the edited highlights: Continue reading

The AOP Online Publishing Awards 2007: a review of the Cross-Media nominees

As part of the Online Journalism Blog’s experiment in crowdsourcing, Online Journalism student Azeem Ahmad takes a look at the Association of Online Publishers nominees for the category of ‘Cross-Media’

Now in its fifth year, the Association of Online Publishers (AOP) has released its shortlist of contenders for its annual AOP awards. There are 16 categories in total, ranging from launches of new services, such as 4oD, and My Telegraph, to Podcasting and Digital Creativity.

My eye is on the ‘Cross-media project category’ however, as there are some very strong contenders in the eight that are short-listed. Continue reading

The OJB Digest: 7th Sept ’07

  1. The Rake Today: Lambert to the Slaughter

    “Next Monday appears to be the date for former Star Tribune editor and publisher Joel Kramer to reveal his plans for the launch of a professionally edited and reported online newspaper.”

    to onlinejournalism independentjournalism

  2. Newspaper offer readers ‘Riddle’
    A British indie feature is rewriting distribution rules by becoming the first to preem as a “covermount” DVD given away free with a newspaper.
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  3. USA Today Distributes News by ‘Widget’: Financial News – Yahoo! Finance

    “USA Today is plunging into a hot new Internet technology, offering its online users the ability to install “widgets” on their blogs and personal Web pages that contain news updates and other information from the newspaper.”

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  4. OK! Relaunches Website with Eyes on TMZ | Folio Magazine

    “Celebrity glossy wunderkind OK! magazine relaunched its Web site today with an Escalade’s worth of features—“web exclusive, continuously updated breaking news, celebrity updates, photo galleries, videos, reviews, blogs and numerous interactive features…”

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  5. Why Glossies Went Mass –

    “On Web sites such as, consumers can see looks from September’s shows an hour after they are premiered on the runway. Followers don’t have to have some high-ranking editor in New York to tell them what was hot or not. They can see and decide for…”

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  6. Blogging Without the Time Sink

    Blog your initial brainstorming. Blog your research. Blog your interactions.

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  7. Conversational Journalism: Credibility Gained or Status Lost?
    In a sense, clinging to objectivity as an achievable goal denies our humanity. That puts us in awkward situations almost daily. And don’t think our audiences and communities don’t recognize that. Often, they’re laughing at us for it.
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More on the European Bloggers (Un)conference

As previously reported, I’ll be at the first European Bloggers (Un)Conference, in Amsterdam, on September 27-28. I’ve now set up a Facebook group and event if you want to sign up.

Attendees are listed on the unconference wiki and include Nicolas Ebnother of InternewsOleksander Demchenko of the Ukrainian LiveJournal journalism community, Andrew Davies of the Greenpeace makingwaves blog, Vadim Sadonshoev, Irakli Jibladze of Steady State, Luca ContiAbdul Gamid, Leila Tanayeva of New Eurasia, Mikhail Doroshevich of e-belarus, photoblogger Anush Babajanyan, Sami Ben Gharbia of Global Voices Advocacy, and Wybo Wiersma of OgOg. Guest speaker Evgeny Morozov of Transitions Online plans Continue reading

Help me crowdsource the AOP Online Publishing Awards 2007

The UK Association of Online Publishers have announced the shortlist for the AOP Online Publishing Awards 2007. As an experiment in crowdsourcing, the Online Journalism Blog is asking you to help cover the nominations by looking at one (or more) of the nominated websites and writing what you think on a wiki.

Given the intelligence of OJB readers, the result should represent a good evaluation of the candidates, and online journalism in general. Even if you only publish a one-line description of the candidate this will make a difference. This might be considered Facebook Journalism experiment #3, given that this call was sent out to the Online Journalism Blog Facebook Group (please sign up if you haven’t already).

The wiki is at – full explanations on how to use it are on there.

UPDATE: Azeem Ahmad has covered the Cross-Media category – this will be posted on the blog tomorrow.

Come to the European Bloggers (Un)conference

Following my jaunt to Vienna earlier this year, I’ll be flying East again come September 27-28, to the first European Bloggers (Un)Conference, “East meets West”, in Amsterdam, September. Want to join me?

Here’s the blurb:

“The conference will allow bloggers from the European Union and its neighbour countries to meet, share ideas and discuss new media developments in their respective countries. The event will focus on issues common to bloggers and citizen journalists from East and West, as well as on vital differences. Continue reading