The OJB Digest: 7th Sept ’07

  1. The Rake Today: Lambert to the Slaughter

    “Next Monday appears to be the date for former Star Tribune editor and publisher Joel Kramer to reveal his plans for the launch of a professionally edited and reported online newspaper.”

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  2. Newspaper offer readers ‘Riddle’
    A British indie feature is rewriting distribution rules by becoming the first to preem as a “covermount” DVD given away free with a newspaper.
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  3. USA Today Distributes News by ‘Widget’: Financial News – Yahoo! Finance

    “USA Today is plunging into a hot new Internet technology, offering its online users the ability to install “widgets” on their blogs and personal Web pages that contain news updates and other information from the newspaper.”

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  4. OK! Relaunches Website with Eyes on TMZ | Folio Magazine

    “Celebrity glossy wunderkind OK! magazine relaunched its Web site today with an Escalade’s worth of features—“web exclusive, continuously updated breaking news, celebrity updates, photo galleries, videos, reviews, blogs and numerous interactive features…”

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  5. Why Glossies Went Mass –

    “On Web sites such as, consumers can see looks from September’s shows an hour after they are premiered on the runway. Followers don’t have to have some high-ranking editor in New York to tell them what was hot or not. They can see and decide for…”

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  6. Blogging Without the Time Sink

    Blog your initial brainstorming. Blog your research. Blog your interactions.

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  7. Conversational Journalism: Credibility Gained or Status Lost?
    In a sense, clinging to objectivity as an achievable goal denies our humanity. That puts us in awkward situations almost daily. And don’t think our audiences and communities don’t recognize that. Often, they’re laughing at us for it.
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1 thought on “The OJB Digest: 7th Sept ’07

  1. Jim

    I’d like to bring to your readers’ attention a new Astroturf (fake grassroots) campaign that should be hitting the papers about now.

    Unity08 has sent out a mass e-mail to its listserv, in which “we ask that you write, type, or cut/paste the following letter to the editor of your local newspaper.” Then Unity08 asks that people sign their own name to it.

    Here’s the text of the letter, so that you can recognize it and, hopefully, filter it out as the spam that it is:

    “— Letter begins here —

    Dear Editor,

    America will be in trouble if it doesn’t act quickly on the crucial issues before us — the economy, education, energy dependence, the environment, health care, immigration, terrorism, and more. I am a member of a movement called Unity08 that will bring our politics back to common ground and elect leadership to the White House that will actually lead.

    Politics as we know it — politics as usual — is over. Unity08 will provide access to information, discussion, and decision-making tools that will change politics forever. And, just in time. 8 of every 10 Americans think Washington is so polarized that it is paralyzed. The 2008 election is a moment of truth.

    Unity08’s new approach will:

    1. Enable Americans to rank our most crucial issues.
    2. Force the candidates to address those crucial issues.
    3. In June, empower all Americans to choose a bipartisan ticket in a secure vote online.
    4. In November, elect the Unity08 Ticket to our nation’s highest office.

    Unity08 combines our oldest values and our newest technology to reactivate the American community. And then, America can be a proud country again, worthy of inspiring both our children and the world.

    As a member of Unity08, I invite you to learn more about our movement at Please feel free to direct any questions to me or to

    For change,

    — Letter ends here —”

    Please spread the word — I know nobody likes this kind of letter manipulation baloney.


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